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See how NovoPayment helped Visa to simply digital transformation for its clients with one of its Payments Solutions

The Challenge

We partnered with Visa to implement a range of payment solutions for Business to Business (B2B) transactions across Latin America and the Caribbean. The aim of the project was to create a variety of accounts payables ‘set-plays’ that could be used by partner banks to facilitate various instant payments and mass payout services.


To achieve this goal, we combined NovoPayment and Visa APIs to provide a range of useful functionalities. Our expertise provided the interoperability, compliance, business rules and orchestration required to deliver secure, self-serve financial services for commercial Visa debit and prepaid accounts.


The resulting API-enabled 'set-plays' have been a resounding success and allowed participating banks' corporate clients to automate tasks such as virtual and card-based account origination, the loading and reloading of funds, recovery and redeployment of funds, and account blocking. Since its inception, early deployments have shown a doubling of reload volumes every four months, providing increased deposit volumes and transaction revenue, more differentiated services and an outstanding customer experience for Visa bank clients.