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See how NovoPayment has helped Interbank Peru with one of its Card Solutions

The Challenge

Interbank Peru and NovoPayment collaborated to introduce new digital payment services to the country as a means of generating additional deposit and transactional revenue. The proposed B2B and B2B2C services would be the first offerings of their kind in the country, creating new categories of mass payout, cash-in and cash management services.


While Interbank was the sponsoring bank, providing specific infrastructure, NovoPayment, as the enabler, bridged the gaps, providing the necessary tools, interoperability, APIs and software services. NovoPayment’s experience and expertise in establishing B2B cash management operations was also crucial.


The resulting operation received Peru’s first e-money issuing license and today, the Interbank initiative serves more than 1,000 corporate clients across 12 separate programs. The project has been a financial success, and also positioned Interbank as the country’s leading innovator in the e-money space.