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Read below on how NovoPayment is helping Banco Pichincha to digitally transform.

The Challenge

Banco Pichincha Colombia (BPC) wanted to increase revenue and enhance relationships with their commercial banking customers. They planned to achieve this by diversifying their line of financial services with a range of cutting-edge, digital cash management solutions. BPC teamed up with us to bridge inherent gaps including the local integrations, middleware and front-end user systems required to ensure an excellent customer experience.


We started by leveraging BPC’s existing assets and integrating them with our platform to deliver more dynamic service capabilities. Using powerful, private APIs and our white label solution, BPC was able to deploy its own branded corporate cash management product including procurement, payroll/commission, meal and food benefits, and fuel. To further support BPC’s launch, we also provided valuable training and sales tools.


The project was completed and had an immediate impact on BCP's positioning in the marketplace. In addition to greatly improving and diversifying their offerings, the approach allowed the bank's business customers to digitally manage procurement, payroll and commissions, meal and food benefits and fuel expenses, among others, and allowed BPC to significantly reduce the investment and deployment times associated with creating their own technology. Since their launch, the new solutions have contributed significant deposit volume increases.