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See how NovoPayment helped the Neobank Tebca Peru to digitally transform Avianca's B2B payments.

The Challenge

Latin American airline, Avianca wanted to mitigate the high risks and excessive costs of managing daily cash transactions. With no centralized system in place, the airline was experiencing inefficiencies and unnecessary expenditure when it came to processing travel expenses for employees and crew members, petty cash and passenger disbursements.


Working with the client issuer, Tebca Peru, we created a new industry-specific solution that brought these airline payments into one convenient system. This allowed the company to directly disburse funds to personnel, crew members and passengers, 24 hours a day. To achieve this, we created a multi-level architecture that enabled the airline’s holding group to manage programs for each of its companies. Employees and crew members were able to effortlessly make purchases for meals, ground transportation and entry/exit related airport taxes, among others. Treasury personnel could also load, approve and execute passenger disbursements in different currencies, as well as receive payment notifications and view account activity via a mobile app. The solution also allowed Avianca to set criteria restrictions for individual user accounts, such as merchant category and transaction type.


By delivering a system that allowed Avianca to electronically manage travel expenses, petty cash and passenger disbursements, Servitebca Peru helped the airline replace expensive, logistically demanding processes with streamlined digital tools that maximized cash management. Avianca saw a significant increase in user satisfaction and productivity, while providing accounting teams with ERP-level integration and visibility over payments.