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Digital Mass Payout

A payout solution perfect for today's on demand and digital platform companies.

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Helping scale digital payments for today’s agile companies

Our mass payout solution helps banks, financial services providers and their high tech clients digitally scale payments to individuals, partners, and suppliers.

Replace Cash and Labor Intensive Processes

With our fully digital alternative, save time, money, and energy processing payments

Fast and Efficient

Quickly meet the technical requirements of digital-native and on-demand companies


Self-serve model allows companies to authenticate, create and pay directly to virtual, card or direct deposit accounts

Your Challenges Addressed

The presence of cash hinders modern companies’ ability to scale and operate in the true digital fashion on which the best in their field are modeled. In trying to solve the problem, traditional financial services face a number of obstacles:

Digital core versus legacy core

API-oriented company versus closed tech

Real-time requirements versus high compliance and security standards

Digital enrollment and authentication

Network integrations and orchestration

Supplying real-time data

How it Works

Our API-based, bank-grade platform, quickens the delivery of real-time, on demand financial services that positively impact corporate customers’ treasury and customer experience areas while minimizing development costs and generating increased transaction and deposit volumes for financial service providers and banks.

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Payout Solution for On Demand and Gig Economy Companies

See how API-enabled, compliant financial services power gig and platform economy companies.

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